What is the SKY Study?

SKY (Study of Parkinson’s Early Stage) is looking to enroll patients who were diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease within the last three years.  

Existing treatments for Parkinson’s involve giving drugs that increase dopamine or that copy its action.  

Four things to know about dopamine:

  1. Dopamine is a chemical found in the brain.
  2. It carries signals between nerve cells.
  3. These signals are involved in the control of our movements.
  4. Lack of dopamine causes most motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

SKY takes a different approach by looking at the build-up of iron that is observed in certain regions of the brain among people with Parkinson’s disease.

It is not known whether this build-up of iron is causing harm to the brain cells, or whether removing it may improve the motor symptoms of the disease or slow its progression. The SKY clinical study aims to address these questions.